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Zenfone 9 navigation buttons

Rising Star I

I Just received my ZenFone 9 and I always set my Android navigation to "classic" mode. So the three buttons instead of the gestures.
The only problem is I often have to tap the home button 3-5 times now before it's activated. Do more users have this issue or could this be a hardware defect?

Edit: I already figured it out with help of some developer options, it looks like the touch screen is working just fine but the touch area for all 3 navigation buttons is way too small. I have made a screen recording to show the problem.


Rising Star I


@Mansi_ASUS are there any updates here? Recently received an update but an fix for this hasn't been provided yet.

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I don't think this will be fixed.

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+1 to the Navigation bar being too small in height to operate the mobile.
The height of the footer button navigation bar MUST be increased!

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+1 bigger navigation touch area for the normal bar.

Hide navigation bar pill for the gesture bar.

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Yiha!! Fixed in latest update I received today.. Also mentioned as fixed in update info (item 5)


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Yessssss I came from an s10e and the navigation button ratio to the screen is super narrow. I also think the big bezel at the bottom doesn't help but if you can have an option to increase the height ratio of the bottom navigation bar, that would make my day!!!