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[ZenFone 9] Join the Android 14 Preview Program

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi ZenFone 9 users,

We will soon have the newest Android system on ZenFone 9. ASUS hereby sincerely invite you to participate in this preview program to experience Android 14!

What is the Android Preview Program?

Android Preview Program lets users experience the newest Android system at the first stage and help us find and fix bugs. Since it is a preview version that may has some unexpected bugs, please deliberate before joining in this program.


Is the preview software confidential? How do I provide my feedback?

Yes, everything about preview software is confidential. Please do not publicly post information about the preview software, and don’t discuss or demonstrate it to others who are not in this program. A new board on ASUS official forum, ZenTalk, will be exclusively accessible by users who participate in this program. If you have any questions or bugs to report, please create a thread in this board for further help.


Will installing preview software void my hardware warranty?

No, your phone will not lose original warranty after this preview software installed.


How do I know if I have successfully enrolled in the Android Preview Program?

If you are chosen to be enrolled in the program, we will send an e-mail to you. However, if you are not enrolled, you will not be informed by any further notice. (To avoid you miss the e-mail, please check the e-mail address registered in ASUS Member is up-to-date.)


How do I leave the Android Preview Program and get prior software restored on my device?

Please submit your request by replying the notice mail.


How do I signup for the Beta Program?

Go to [Setting] > [System] > [System update] and click the gear icon at the top-right corner. Click "Enroll in Android preview Program" in the Settings.


  • Click "Agree" after reading the preview program notice and ASUS privacy policy.
  • Sign up ASUS member account and fill in the beta test application.
  • Click "Submit". (Before the recruitment is closed, you can withdraw it on this page anytime.
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Rising Star I

As makavelli mentioned above, a upload of the .204 has been found after i made a post on the zenfones subreddit. Ive downloaded it, but sadly it seems like its not recognized by the phone as a "legit" update (probably due to some files missing). I extracted it from a .tar to a .zip instead, put it back on the phones storage and removed my Google account (somehow needed for the phone to actually update). However it doesnt recognize it. Only thing i havent tried yet is to actually "flash" the boot.img but thats because im uncertain which files exactly i need to flash. Anyone know? Boot.img? dtbo.img? 

Ah I was you, 👍

That's not great news that it does not work. Maybe the file is not the correct location or SKU matching to ours?  Maybe the guy can try to dump the files again. I would not try to flash it manually as the chance to break or miss something is quite high. If I remember the boot.img is the kernel and the system.img is the firmware itself.  But vendor, recovery and such stuff also would need to be flashed.

But if you have luck with any method, please keep me posted. Will also try when I have time 

Star I

I would really love to receive the beta version as somebody with massive problems on android 13. Registered and everything but to no avail. Long time zenfone user but I am not sure if I can justify to stick with the brand which I love as long as the firmware politics do not improve. And no Asus is not a small company that is no excuse 😄

Star II

Po instalaci Androidu 14 nelze změnit tapetu,zůstává jen černá obrazovka.

Rising Star II

Can anyone who is using android 14 beta since a week on Zenfone 9 share their experience in detail here?

Any major improvements? Visual, features or performance wise?