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Will you be upgrading the Zenfone9 -> 10 despite of these deal breaking (for me) issues

Star II

I remember bought the Zenfone 9, and it was great until I encountered the repeated issues...

1. The very first issue was the constant reboots -> fixed about almost a year after release lots of complaints, nothing helped until the fix was introduced by sw update

2. Pocket mode, this issue is stalking from Zenfone 8 at least and never was fixed- I had to disable most of the related features that keep the screen off to not send but messages and make random phone calls, Pixel 4 NEVER once failed me in the pocket mode.

Overall I am very pleased with the Zenfone 9, the Zenfone 10 is not including the e-sim but does have the wireless charging and it is great that they can connect to WiFi6 and still do it in a such small device. I want to love it but the software is failing it.



Rising Star II

I didn't had any of these problems in Zenfone 8, and dont have on Zenfone 10.

The biggest improve in 10 is no echo in hand mode calls, and much better volte/vowifi support.

Biggest (and for now only) problem is vibrating main camera when i'm holding phone still durring taking photos or recording videos - it causes waves on film.