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usb does not charge

Star II
I have a usb-c-dock connected to my pc during the day. But the zenfone 9 does not charge, it even looses battery!
I know, the pc usb-port provides just about 500ma, but it was enough for all my previous phones.
Is your phone charging on over default usb?

The phone does charge by default over USB, but to know a bit better I would need to know a bit more about the usage situation.
While connected to a dock, what are you doing in it? Surfing? Playing a specific game? Some things might draw more power and will require more power to push through the voltage usage at the moment to actually start charging.
Is the dock effectively outputting the 500ma? or is there a bottleneck somewhere?

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During this 4h period the phone was mostly in idle. I might have checked my notification some times, but that's all. 10min screen on time at max.
I measured with a usb volt meter about 480ma power draw, so that should be fine. Also, my older phones (Xiaomi, Google and lg) still charge fine.
Btw, calling it Dock might be a bit overrated, it basically is just a usb cable in a stand 😉
I also tried different cables but with the same result.

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I have noticed it being very sensitive to what usb port it is connected. I have a device that shows the voltage and amps when I connected to usb port of my pc. If I connect it to any usb port at the back of the pc on the motherboard it shows it charges for perhaps 5 seconds and then drops amps to zero. If I connect the phone to front header of the case it is happily charging at 1A and 5V. That header is also connected to the same motherboard inside the case. Other phones dont have problems charging with any of the usb ports.

Star II
I just tried several usb ports and somehow they all work now. Might have been the software update i made recently.