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Sudden loss of 'oomph' in Zenfone 9 audio 😪

Star II
Last night I fired up my streaming show as per normal before I sleep, but I noticed almost immediately that all the 'oomph' was missing. When I first used my Zenfone 9, coming from the Zenfone 7 Pro, I noticed the massive difference in audio straight away - so I can tell the difference. It's as if someone suddenly removed the OZO audio from it, and now the audio is just usual tinny phone quality audio. I did not alter ANY settings on the phone. I really hope a fix is coming. My audio has been a bit glitchy before this too. And no, I am not one to throw my phone around and expect it to still work properly and whine after I've abused it. Had my Zenfone 9 brand new after pre-ordering this year.
I really hope a fix is coming as I love my Zenfone 9 so much 😞


Hey @ZT-bf15d022,

Can you please share your FW version?