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some notes about ultra durable and haptic

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1. When the battery is discharged, the phone goes into ultra durable and switches the dark theme on. When it is charged back on, the theme stays dark. Expected behaviour: the color theme changes back to white.

2. If battery care is set to 90% max charge rate, I would expect a notification that battery "fully" charged at the 90% rate. Current behaviour: No notification that the battery is "fully" charged. Expected behaviour: A notification at 90% that the battery is "fully" charged and please disconnect the charger.

3. Get rid of the haptic feedback when scrolling in the menus. I want haptic feedback when typing, but it is absolutely not necessary when scrolling and reaching the top or bottom of the menus. It is inconsistent, as it only works in the Android menus, but does not work when scrolling in Chrome or other apps.

4. It would be nice if discharged phone would turn itself on when connected to a charger and a reasonable charge rate has been reached. Current behaviour: The phone stays off. Expected behaviour: The phone turns itself on and offers to enter a pin code.


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Build number TKQ1.220807.001.33.0804.2060.113

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1. Steps to reproduce:

  • set Low battery power-saving to, for example, 10% of battery, choose ultra durable as power saving option.
  • in Battery>System Modes>Ultra durable settings make sure Force set system color scheme to Dark is enabled
  • discharge the phone, wait for it to turn on the ultra durable mode and change the color scheme, continue discharging until the battery is empty and the phone turns itself off
  • connect charger, do not turn on the phone, charge above 10%
  • turn on the phone. Expected behavior: Ultra durable disabled, normal power mode is on and color scheme is white. Actual behavior: Ultra durable disabled, normal power mode is on, but the color scheme remains dark

Sorry, I am not sharing logs because I believe they may contain sensitive data.

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Community Manager
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