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Scaling of Messenger window under chat bubbles

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Hi! I've just started using Zenfone 9 after battery in my Galaxy S10 died. I enjoy my experiences with Asus for now, but there are some issues with Messenger app when using chat bubbles:

  1. There's a "manage" button in the bottom of the screen. For such small screen that's a problem, it takes quite a lot of space from the screen. 

  2. Smaller problem, but still exists - can I somehow move a "new chat" button on the top of the screen to the left instead of the right? I basically never use it and it's harder to reach to the very top left to click on the most recent conversation. Also, the button sometimes shows one or two conversations to add, or none at all and simply says "no recent discussions", rather than all my chats with search.

  3. The chat window doesn't fill the width of the screen.

  4. You cannot click and drag the bubbles up the top to rearrange the chats.

These problems are making me consider returning the phone. The issues are not horrendous, but since I've been using chat heads in Messenger for 10+ years (and Messenger is the most common communicator in my country) and that's the worst implementation of this function I've ever seen - that's very irritating for me. Especially since the screen in Zenfone 9 is small for today's standards - unused space hurts it even more.

Hope it's going to be fixed. Thanks!




Hey @Pixi,
Thanks for your feedback. I've forwarded it to the relevant department.

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Any fix for this problem?

Community Manager
Community Manager
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