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Refresh Rate

Rising Star II

I have set the Refresh Rate at 90hz and today I saw a choppy Refresh Rate while scrolling on Google Feed. Are anyone experiencing the same problem? My phone has the latest update available and isn't rooted.  Video attached below.


Rising Star II

Works fine in my case. Only happens on 90hz?

I always use my phone at 90hz and I have not had this problem before. I restarted the phone and it  started to work correctly again.

Star II

I also find the zenfone 9 struggles with refresh rates. I used to be in "auto" 99% of the time. I switch when gaming cause unfortunately it doesn't detect it should blast the refresh rate when gaming so I have to do it manually each time, which is annoying. But even once I set the refresh rate to 120 Hz in games, I see the frame rate glitch and sometimes go down under 100 creating a choppy feel. 

When not in games, I also sometimes feel like it's not as smooth as it should be. 

Also I find the battery drain is very quick when in 120 hz refresh rate. In my opinion, too quick. Overall a bit disappointed in this aspect of the phone.