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Questions about Zenfone 9

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I want this phone, but also i want a Iphone 13 mini, I really appreciate compact phones, i was using a Samsung A52 and went back to Pixel 3, wich i love for being faster and the camera is great, but battery life sucks.

Despite Ios and Android differences, i'm looking for Apple and trying IOS, My plan is to own a compact phone for long time, but battery life is important, same with the camera

Someone who had those phone or test Iphone and Zenfone, how they compared each other??.  What about daily usage? Would you recommend Iphone over Zenfone or not?? (keeping aside software differences) What about battery life?Camera?

I've seen video comparison and i know you can use Google Camera, the big question is ...Zenfone 9 has zero sutter speed or it lags and takes a split second to actually take the photo?? .


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If you really care about the camera, look for another phone, not the ZenFone. Mine, at the moment, is under warranty, I'm waiting to see what they say about laggy video.

The rest of Asus is nice, good look and size, very fast. But only two big updates, so that sucks.

Today I'll probably buy something different.

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I have a Zenfone 9 and a 12 mini (and a Pixel 4a and Pixel 5 and a few other compact phones). 

The ZF9 camera setup is pretty good, though both the iPhone and the Pixels are a little better. With the main cam, Asus takes more detailed pictures than the other three phones - but with a little more noise and oversharpening. The latter is clearly visible and may upset some people. Otherwise, the pictures are good - sometimes, but not often, better than the Pixels' or the 12m's. The HDR works well and the colors are more natural than on the iPhone. Night photos are competent as well, both by themselves and by comparison. The digital zoom is poorer than the Pixels'. I also had a ZF8 before the 9 and I like the latter slightly more, despite the more aggressive sharpening.

As for the wide camera - I like it better than the main cam. Less oversharpening, natural colors, and also has autofocus (not a very common feature). It takes good macro shots. I'd rate it better than the 12m's and on a par with the Pixel 5.  

As for shutter lag, it happens occasionally but is resolved with a reset of the app (app Settings > Clear storage). I've had this on the Pixels as well (same solution). Otherwise, the camera shutter is plenty fast, with fast autofocus too.

Rising Star II

PS I've been getting very frequent updates on the ZF9. The security update may lag for one month occasionally, but functional updates are quite frequent.

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