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question about zenfone 9

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Hi everyone, I am interested in getting zenfone 9. However, I have heard people mention about the software issue. May I know if there is anyone having software issue? And also, how is the battery life for playing games such as mlbb, wild rift and pubg etc? Thank you so much!


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Hi 😉

I don't have any software issue, everything working fine 😉 In all brand you will find people with software issue on the internet - s**t happens XD. I have in the past Sony, HTC, LG, Samsung and now Zenfone 9 and for me he have best clear Android with no issue. I don't play games so I don't tell you how looks like. I use phone to websurfing, listen music, msg, calling, few photos per day - just normal using, when I charge to 90% it's give me 2-3 days of using without charging so it's good result for me 😉 I searching something for music and this phone for me plaing same as LG with Quad Dac ❤️ (but u need change EQ in Poweramp)

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I guess those who had serious problems with the software left for the competition.
Definitely if you read these forums you will see that every ZF 9 owner is complaining.

So I won't answer the first question - it goes without saying.

It's just a shame that so few moderators or people responsible for this forum do not respond.
Quicker to close the thread than get an answer and solution to the problem.
And he said that support will be for 2 years XD, and we became beta testers.

Regarding the games I play all what you mentioned.

If I were buying for the second time I would take the ROG.
Of course on the ZP9 everything runs smoothly, mlbb had a moment's problem with matching resolution, treated the Asus like an IPhone 13, generally similar size.

However, if you play more and had a larger one before , you will experience discomfort

Personally, I complain all the time about the software from which falls like a bolt from the sky without warning they fix one thing,and spoil two others.
Unfortunately, this is a big drawback.
For me, the phone was a priority because of the practical size when talking and recording calls.
Unfortunately, the recording still does not work properly.
So I regret it.

I agree, support it's su*ks ;d moderators here doesnt' exist. Very pure support for flagship model ;/

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For me everything works perfect. No problem.
I don't play games. For games I think the ROG is better.
I am very happy with the Z9.
Are there people who have problems? Yes.
Like all makes and models.
Do you have any configuration errors? Possibly too.