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Plea for Dev and User Support..

Star II

So months after locking out unlocking, then silently removing all packages from the support page, even for the devices that were so old hardly someone would BYPASS ITS UNLOCK like ZenFone 4 (A400CG) and more, you guys decided it will be very helpful that we should ship an OTA that should instantly brick users devices those who will try to DOWNGRADE without even knowing there was an VULNERABILITY OF UNLOCKS, and with that we should lock EDL too, because why not.


Irony with the new ASUS logo from the Behance article,


The “A” monogram is adopted from the A prefix of ASUS and has a symbolic meaning of leadership. The foundation of the A is a representation of the Chinese symbol 人 for people. The top part creates an arrow shape signifying our ability to overcome obstacles and ascend industry norms. When the shape is flipped it resembles a heart that speaks to the heartfelt affection and endearment for life.

The monogram displays a sense of honor, taking pride in our 30 years of continuous evolution, and persistence to optimize products and services we bring to consumers.

I know ASUS chose this option of locking DOWNGRADE WITHOUT A PUBLIC WARNNING to stop 3rd party unlocking.

Plus locking the ability for EDL flashing or EVEN BOOTING INTO EDL mode, which weirdly has lead to multiple people with bricked devices with no way to recover their device because someone in ASUS thought "Hah its fine it was the users issue to not magically know that we shipped you update so, it is fine we can charge our users hefty for the motherboard replacement, because we all know service centers workers know only one simple thing to replace motherboard for even slight error and charge the user. AS IF ASUS SELLS THEIR ZENFONES OR ROGS like any other brand sells their devices in mass quantities.

As an enthusiast, I know you guys at ASUS USED TO support us (devs) and users who buy ASUS phones due to the hardware, but even that now is a joke.

You could have gone the simple way too I guess, like pixels, moto, OnePlus to unlock using just a booted device tick oem unlock and use fastboot command, now moto uses maybe 72hrs to be connected to internet to let people unlock the device using oem unlock though, but ye it works?

And we do have a urgent need for some raw or unbrick package for users, its not just zenfone9 but every device which got the update to lock downgrade, I have users with rog3 too in unusable state.

I hope this doesn't make my image as of a worse guy in the eyes of ASUS, I love the way ASUS used to be open for devs and easily fix if something bad happen.

Attachment contains SOME users message as screenshots for proof.

Thanks for reading.


Star II

Very detailed situation of users facing issues with Asus devices. In a situation where I'm stuck at infinite boot loop because of trying to downgrade.

Service center saying change motherboard. In any issue even a minor one, Service centers always say  "Motherboard/display will be changed". Worst service centers Asus has is in India. You don't know you are losing your customers in India because of this. Community members don't recommend Asus devices now because of the issues, bad experience with service centers and Asus never accepts its mistakes and didn't even once tried to compensate the users for it's faulty hardware/software mistakes ruining the device completely and customer's hard earned money.

Same here mate. They said motherboard will be changed and charging $650 for it. I asked the device back unrepaired.