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Phone vibrates while using the camera, is this a misconfigured feature or a bug?

Star II

Since receiving the camera I haven't really looked into why my phone vibrates while capturing photos. This only happens with the front cam and in every mode if it's set to 1x and up lens, while I can shoot normally with the .6 wide angle lens.

This gives me photo distortion so this renders the camera useless. I've played around the settings, haven't tried any third party camera app though I get the same vibrating results when taking pictures through WhatsApp or Messenger apps. Can't seem to find anything on the internet about the issue so I was thinking my phone might be defective idk. Phone is with the latest updates.



Found at least two more users with similar issue. Still crossing my fingers that this isn't a hardware issue, hope someone can shed some light and a software update can fix the problem.





For this specific issue I recommend contacting your closest ASUS Service Center so they can look into it.
I have sent you a PM with information 🙂

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Community Manager
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