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One week with Zenfone 9

Rising Star I
I have the Zenfone 9 a week. Compared to the Z8 the Z9 is simply an evolution worth buying.
Better design. A few millimeters smaller and improved camera. Maybe a few more hours of battery.
A fail:I
t doesn't have a notification LED.
Incomprehensible. I'll get used to it.
The Z8 has given me no problems. It is very good phone and good camera too. Some very natural and little processed photos. Something better in Z9.
I am very happy with the change.

Community Legend I

did anyone in UK ordered the red color?

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The 8/128 model is on pre-order in 4 colors, the most interesting given the absence of an SD card I only have it in black!!!
Availability scheduled for mid/September

Rising Star II
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