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Let's write a list of unresolved bugs...

Star III

The new firmware has not fixed the bug that resets the 'animator duration scale' if you press the power off button in the drop-down menu.



Hey @gbb,

Could you please elaborate on the issue?

Also, can you please share your device's FW version?

Fw .189, latest version. Pressing the power off button and returning to the desktop will always reset the speed to 1X.

Not applicable

can't confirm, attempted these steps using both the stock android power menu and the asus customized power menu on the latest .189 firmware, animation scale stays at whatever i have set it to. could you describe the steps to reproduce the issue with more detail?

It's an old known bug already addressed in the forum. I attach the numbered photos, maybe you can understand better.

1 - open animation speed and set different from 1X (I prefer 0.5X)

2 - from the drop-down menu press the off button

3 - go back

4 - check animation speed, it will be reset to 1X


However, with this update the phone seems more responsive, it must be a suggestion...