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Let's write a list of unresolved bugs...

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The new firmware has not fixed the bug that resets the 'animator duration scale' if you press the power off button in the drop-down menu.


Mansi, you are really a joker 😁 there is so many things that are not working on Zenfone 9 with Android 13 that  Asus became a one-time purchase company. Never again any Asus phone.

A new problem which you can add to this very long not working list is that Zanfone 9 can't connect via wifi to any OBDII device.... Any old Xiaomi can do that but not the flagship made by Asus... Pathetic

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this is a good thread, thanks for starting it.

i will list steps to reproduce the gallery/camera bug:

1. open the camera app, take a picture

2. open the gallery via the small preview icon next to the shutter button

3. delete the photo you have just taken

4. the photo is deleted forever, skipping the "delete the items?" dialog found in the gallery app

some other mildly annoying issues:

1. using the asus quick settings layout (small circular toggles), the wifi toggle sometimes get stuck in the "disabled" state, despite wifi being enabled and connected

2. the desktop clock widget randomly switches between 12- and 24-hour layout

3. the stock launcher icon labels use the outdated "roboto condensed" font, making icon labels very illegible

4. if the google app is uninstalled, the voice input icon in the app drawer's search field is shown anyway

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Scheduled charging kicks in after plugging phone in after the time set for the alarm id already passed

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