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latest update causes various settings back to default

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ive just done the google wallet bug fix update on my zenfone 9. after rebooting the gwatch app wont sent my glucose reading to my smartwatch now. however it seems to work when my phones screen is on.
the gwatch app basically gets my continious glucose monitor readings from the dexcom g6 app then sends my reading to my smartwatch. normal behaviour is that it sends my readings every 5 mins to my watch but now this isnt happening unless my phones screen is on.
ive tried reinstalling all of the assoiciated apps but still isnt working.

i fixed it. some reason the update causes various settings back to their default and i needed to turn off battery optimizations again. i noticed another user here say their auto start settings all changed after the update. this happened to me also.


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I can confirm this. Many permissions are reverted to default after device reboot

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@Mansi_ASUS can you check this please?


Hey @AlexanderK  and @liamfisher96,

Are you still experiencing this issue?

after some days and reboots i am not experiencing this issue