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Is the Zenfone 9 safe to use without security updates?

Rising Star I

So my phone hasn't received a security update since June? I'm staring at the middle of October and I've read about some pretty serious zero day updates in the last couple of Android security releases.  Legit question, is this phone safe to use currently? I've always had Samsung or Pixels so this lack of regular updates is concerning. I think I read the ZF10 is ahead of us in updates which I don't get, the phones aren't that dissimilar?! Anyway, safe to use or risky? 


Star III

I've no idea, to be honest. But the lack of updates, whether that be on the phone or Asus telling us what's going on, has led me to part ways with the Z9. Thursday, I get the Pixel 8.

It's a shame, because I love the Z9 and the configuration it allows me to do - however, the lack of support has made me question the continued use of it. 

How is the 8? I was looking at it since they made it smaller and lighter but is it still heavy?  That was my biggest issue with the Pixels as of late, so heavy.   Yea I'm disappointed in the ZF9 update schedule as of late for sure, the worst part, they sent me a text today and it is still being sold as new on Amazon *smh*  They should disclose it isn't getting updates haha.   I might just swap my sim out to be safe, security is kind of important... 

Gets delivered tomorrow, will let you know. 


Rising Star I

Today android gave me a security warning and now the OS is flagging the update (see attached). I might reach out to support.  If even Android is warning me, this can't be safe?