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Is Amazon an authorized retailer?

I "pre-ordered" the ZenFone 9 (black 8GB/128GB version C for the United States) from Amazon on September 2nd. Not the seller Mobile Advance on Amazon, but Amazon Services LLC (Ships from and Sold by Amazon). However, I can't find any definitive proof that Amazon is an official/authorized retailer.

Did Amazon make a mistake or does Asus intend to provide stock of the ZenFone 9 to Amazon for sale in North America/USA?

Hi @WeightlessDogs
Post update down below*

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Hello there.
I was feeling very confident about placing my pre-order via Amazon after signing up for alerts back in July to place an order via the Asus website. I received the text from Asus on Friday September 2nd, 2022. I clicked on the link which opened directly to the Asus Store on Amazon. The ONLY option to place a pre-order at that time was listed as being sold by and ships from Mobile Advance. I did indeed place my order and have been waiting patiently, since the listing estimated arrival to not be arriving until between October 20 and 24th. I have actually received an update this week that a shipping label has been created, with the phone to be shipped out Oct 7th, and a new expected arrival date of Oct 12th. Should I be concerned, based upon your note today that the phones should be shipped and sold directly by Amazon?
I could have easily purchased a Zenfone for another region sooner, but have been waiting for the North American Version to be released. I did not hesitate to place my order, since the link came directly from Asus and even listed the FREE pair of ROG Cetra True Wireless Gaming In-Ear Headphones as shown on the Asus website as well. According the order, the part number is listed as being AI2202-16G256G-BK
Should I be concerned, as to what will be arriving when it actually shows up?
Copied from that order.
Sold by: Mobile Advance
Condition: New

Everything I can find online points to Mobile Advance being the ONLY authorized retailer for ZenFone 9 sales in the United States. This forum won't let me post links to the sources of the quotes below, so I guess just google it if you want to verify?
"[Pre-order bonus] Promotion is only valid through eligible retailer Mobile advance on and": 'ASUS Launches the All-New Zenfone 9' news article on the US Asus website.
"Currently our authorized retailers are Mobile Advance on Amazon, [the] Mobile Advance website, and Asus Store": quote from an Asus representative on US ZenFone 9 availability published on an Android Police news article.

I apologize for the confusion. You are correct, our official sellers are Mobile advance or ASUS. I will edit my above post to prevent confusion.
Thank you!