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Clicking / ticking sound Zenfone 9

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Zenfone 9
build nr 32.2040.2040.23
not rooted
every minute or so
After a month or so I send my phone for repairs as I noticed some lines in my screen ocassionaly, besides that my phone sometimes made a 'clicking' sound. The screen is fixed but the clicking persists.
I now found out that it has to do with the 'smart screen' feature (screenshot). When this is turned on I hear the clicks quite frequent like a camera shutter or speaker pop It also does this every time right before the screen time-out hits in.
When this feature is turned of I do not hear te clicks.
Customer service wants me to ship the phone for repair again, but it seems like a software issue so I dont think it will help. Is this a known issues/ do you guys experience it as well / is there a fix?



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I just noticed the ticking happens when closing the front camera in any app and the camera app.
Can anyone confirm whether this mechanical (fixable by repairs) or software issue?

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I can confirm it happens with mine too. Exactly when the phone dims and the screen is about to go dark. The "click" is from the front facing camera shutting down when Smart Screen is on. Has been reported with Zenfone 8 too. Seems Asus is using the front camera to identify if the phone is held up-you look at it. If you try to switch between front-back camera, its the same sound.

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thanks a lot, after turning off smart screen the clicking on gimbal is gone, its been a week i bought this phone, never face this clicking issue, today suddenly i noticed that when im in camera and changing mode, the gimbal is clicking, i was 100% sure that its not there before... so im googleing for solution, after seeing your post i remembered that today i enabled that smart screen on my phone, as soon as i disabled it, the clicking is gone... now i can change camera mode without any clicking noise...

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I have the same experience.
It seems that if any camera is enabled the gimbal is activated and "unpowered" when the screen dimms.
This might be fixed in a firmware update?