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Flashlight Zen 9

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On my old Motorola Android phone, you shook it to turn the flashlight on it off.  My ZenFhone 9 does not seem to have the option - only double tap the back, which works inconsistently at best and generally not at all to turn it off.  How can I have the shake option?



Hey @Liazard,
The phone doesn't support the 'shake to enable the flashlight' feature. However, you can enable the flashlight by double-tapping the smart key. (Setting>Advanced>Smart Key>Double tap>Customization>Quick access>Flashlight).

Or by double tapping on the back. But this is less reliable with the latest fw, in my experience. 

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I activate it by double tapping the smart key but it also activates my display or even unlocks my phone most of the times. Which has caused a lot of pocket calls etc. I would prefer an option to activate the flashlight by drawing a V or other shape. 


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