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End of ZenFone?

Rising Star I

I have read a news. Will it be true?
Asus stops manufacturing the ZenFone. He'll just stick with the ROGs.
Which is the reason?
I've had the Z8 and for a year now the Z9. 0 problems. 0 misses.
Everything, everything works fine. Very fine. Perfect size. Very correct camera.
I think I will have this phone for many years. The updates? My wife uses ZenFone 5 with no problems. Naturally my Z9 works better. It is more powerful. But I think the updates are not the most important thing.
Are there similar phones? Yes. But it is a matter of taste.


Accepted Solutions

Zen Master I

I hope it's just rumors and that Asus comes out to say something. 

I am happy with my ZF9 and hope to receive A14 as soon as possible.

Star II

I hope it's not true. I still have a zenfone 6 and I m very glad about it. If there was an amoled screen it would fit perfectly my current use.

I was wanting to change for a new one but last zenfone are a too small. it s a pity that they didn't keep the pro to have a bigger screen (and maybe also keep the flipping camera).

I got a battery issue recently and look for new phone but no one was attractive enough so i replaced the battery with the hope to wait for a new big zenfone coming.

It's a pity if it's really the case because zenfone's conception is very good.

Zen Master I

Asus has confirmed that it continues with Zenfone!!