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Enable volume control hold down on lock screen

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Hi Asus team,
Sometimes the volume on my music/phone is too loud and during the phone is on locked screen I try to hold down the volume down button but with no success. I then have to press it once and then many times for it to work.

To replicate the issue, try playing YouTube/music. Hit the power button to lock the screen. Wait for the lockdown clock to go away so the screen is completely dark. Try holding down the volume down button. It won't work.

Hey @echang01, it's made by design, in order to operate the volume buttons, you need to first wake up the screen, which you can do by enabling the gestures (Settings> Advanced> Gestures).

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Gotcha, any chance you can create an option so that you can enable it disable that design feature? If I'm listening to something and I just want to change the volume, I don't want to unnecessarily wake up my phone or look at it all the time. It seems like a very small use case for needing to wake up the phone first. Thanks

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Need to adjust the volume from the lock screen
Use case example, very common for everyone:-Scrolling through Instagram at work.-All of a sudden one of the posts or stories has a volume-Being at work I immediately press the display off button on the right side*Problem here*-I need to turn the volume off somehow before I slide up and get back to the application-iPhone doesn't let you adjust the volume with the sliders unless it's playing music, or you're not in the lock screen.-So I have to go BACK to the LOUD application and slide up immediately before any more sound is played, or do a hard reset on my phone.

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