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Do not disturb not working on Zenfone 9

Star III
Zenfone 9 8GB-256GB
I set my wife as a contact that could interrupt do not disturb mode as I sleep in the day time and work at night. My wife needed to get ahold of me while I was asleep and called me 6 times but my phone never rang. She ended up waiting over an hour in -2c weather. Why is it that I payed $900 for a phone and it's so damn buggy and there is so many things that don't work properly. I've had at least 5-6 bugs that I had to report to Zentalks since I bought this phone, but this is the absolute worst. What are developers for ? Why do you guys rely on users to report bugs for them to be fixed, isn't that what developers supposed to do. I've used 6 different Android phones and by far this one has been the worst as far as bugs.

Star I
It's unbelievable that they barely bother with the phone. At the bottom of the gesture control, the thick white line cannot be erased + it lies on a thick black line that covers the display. This is unbelievable to me.