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Default Notification Sound

Star I

When I set the "Notification sound" in the "Sound & vibration" settings, I still receive notifications from apps with another notification sound. (Screenshot 1)

Checking the notification settings for any specific app shows that each notification category has the "Sound" set to "default" (Screenshot 2), which is a different sound when I select it (Screenshot 3), and not the sound I had set in the first step above.

Steps to reproduce: See screen recording (the screen recorder didn't capture the audio, so I guess that's also a separate bug).


Zenfone 9 : Android 13 : unrooted


Star I

Have you found any solution for this @Anuttymous ?

I'm experiencing similar issues with my Zenfone 9 (Android 13). I have set specific notification sounds for different apps (e.g., Whatsapp), nevertheless the phone always plays the default notification sound. The same is true for the alarm and ringtone - I can see the correct ones in the settings but they are not played.

Drives me insane as I really dislike the default sounds.

Also, my mother has the same phone and same issues persist. Previously on my Zenfone 8 I did not have such problems with the same apps installed - so I don't really expect the culprit there.

I managed to download a new notification sound and set that as my default, which seemed to work.

Star I

That's good to know 🙂 thanks for your response @Anuttymous . I'll give that  a try!

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