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Bought a ZP9 with unlocked bootloader, how to relock it?

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Hi I bought a second hand ZF9. Everything works great except for Google pay which doesn't let me add any cards. This is quite important to me so I'm trying to see a way to relock the bootloader. If I install the latest firmware, will it relock/unroot the device? If not, how to I get it back to the original state?


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Yeah, I bought one that the bootloader was unlocked as well. Now I noticed I can't use google pay for security reasons. It took me days to setup my phone exactly the way I wanted. I was thinking how great of a phone it was last night. Today I noticed I can't use google pay and if I relocked the bootloader I'd have to reset the phone in the process and wipe all my data. I found a website explaining how to relock it....

Its for android phones in general, don't know if it would work on the ZF9. There's no real documentation guide I can find referring to the how the ZF9 is relocked. I didn't check in depth. It be great if it was just a option to choose and select instead of a procedure. I got the phone 40% off RRP in cost and it was in real new condition. I don't know why people would unlock or change the ROM if that what they are doing to these phones.

I read if you relock the bootloader then you can use google pay and add cards. I might take it to a professional and get them to backup my phone and relock it.

Just root your phone and install Magisk for Google Pay. You'll need to add all Google apps and services to denylist, and install the shamiko module. It works for me. Asus has disabled their unlock tool, so it's impossible to unlock bootloaders right now. Make full use of your unlocked phone instead of relocking it imo.