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Asus ZenFone 9

Star II

Why the camera of ZenFone 9 even if it have such a good lens Ans sensors is such a crap?The software for photography is bad and the photos are worse and I'm talking seriously. You should make and bring an update to fix the quality of the photography.


Star III

really very bad camera . Dissapointing. İ am a Asus fanatic  last ten years i use zenfone series phones. İn my country Asus phone not selling. But i went other countey and i bought zenfone 9. Very bad camera , very bad picture . My zenfone 5z better than zenfone 9  about camera and i understand that zenfone 9 really have bad software. About camera, about generally. After android 14 i couldnt talk somebody beause mobil communication has broken. Mobil data very bad . İ will not buy Asus phone anymore 

Yes it's true unfortunately good phones overall but the camera software is really bad, unacceptable.They should hire me there to bring real software engineers not a joke as they have now.