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Asus Zenfone 9 - 4K 60FPS camera issue - laggs, drops, choppy video

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Hi! I have Zenfone 9 almost 2 months and in general, this is perfect phone except video from camera. As you can see on recorded video for test (4K 60fps), quality is good, but there is a lot of lags, drops, miss frames, looks like choppy video or sth like that. The same issue is with 1080 60fps. I recorded video on holiday and it looks like crap -.-

You can see problem, when I track cars and when I turn around. No matter stabilization is on/off or I have perfect light, problem still exist. FPS limiter is off in settings, HDR off too. I cleared app cache, made clean Android 13 (the same was on 12). First lag: 14 second - look all the time on white bus, the how picture looks when I move camera to the right. Then blue bus and rest cars - lag too. Then I track cars to the left and it goes lag too. Finally I moves camera to see the building and there is a lot of lag too. 

Here is video on YouTube:

And here is without YouTube compression:!Ahshj8r9xSWPhpUt8-8nnavEOvmVFA 

Do you have the same problem or it's my model? I wrote about it in photo thread, but now the problem intensifies.


I've 16/256GB version and It doesn't matter I had Android 12/13 or clean phone without apps.
I have to borrow phone from my friend and than I'll return under warranty. I'm tired with that crap. I record a lot of videos and I need good working phone. I wanted trust Asus, but I'm dissapointed.

Totally understandable - it's the main thing keeping me from buying one. It ticks all the boxes for me on paper/design and I'd love a gyro stabilised camera for video, but seeing threads like this is worrying still when ASUS don't even help.
I might try and find somewhere that has a good/easy return policy at least and just test it extensively as soon as I get it.
Though I'd still be a little worried it may develop issues in the future.

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As I expected, the ASUS service department didn't see any problem with the video lag, it's normal and they haven't done anything about it.
Now I have the S23 in my hands and it's incredible how smooth 4k60fps video can be. Never ASUS again.

it's very sad. I have the same thing, the 256 GB version. Or Asus is blind or stupid, but not seeing the fact that the video is twitching is the height of disrespect for its users. I'm just like you, I'm going to sell this smartphone to hell and buy a Samsung. And I will never recommend Asus to anyone again.

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Same issue here with the 16 GB RAM model. Running latest firmware 33.0804.2060.113 and tried almost everything to solve it myself to no avail. The Frame-Drops are more noticeable right after I start a recording as shown in the example. They happen more frequently in 4k and after I just finished another recording which makes me think it's  some kind of buffer overflow that could be fixed by patching the Camera app or it could be a CPU performance issue that could be fixed with a kernel adjustment.