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Android Auto intermittently restarts

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Hi all,

Loving this phone so far, short of one big issue.
When I plug my phone in for wired android auto, it starts very quickly and runs well. Anywhere between 20 seconds and 15mins later however, music will stop, the screen will freeze, then a few seconds later android auto will crash, then a few more seconds later it will resume as normal... Until a short time later, when it repeats.

This has happened 5 times on a 20 minute drive before.

All worked on my old phone.

I have reinstalled the app, cleared cache, restarted the phone, tried different cables, set power management for android auto, maps, and Spotify to unrestricted.

So I guess asking here is the next step. I believe a topic similar to this has been discussed twice before regarding similar issues on this phone, but none of the solutions have worked.

Any ideas?


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Nvm idk how to delete a comment but I made a mistake thinking this is my issue

Hey @nutsandleach,
Can you please share your FW version, and the Android Auto version which you are currently using?

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