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Android 13 update doesnt appear anymore Zenfone 9

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Got my new Zenfone 9...i recieve android 13 OTA update 10 days ago but didnt want to update then and yesterday i want to update my phone but update doesnt appear anymore...what the issue??


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Indeed. Was there a few hours ago. At least we know now that they monitor this forum.

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Yesterday I got updated to the new version of A13, .73 (Romania). Maybe that's why they pulled the first official version.

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Seems no OTA update or downloadable File for A13 right now. Only the downgrade to 12.

Hope there will be a new version released soon. Still waiting for the one that includes Japan/Felica

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Is that a promised update from Asus?

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Please, read this:

ZenFone 9 Beta program comes to an end and formal version of Android 13 has released to end-users on Dec 20. We appreciate all your dedication on this program! Please go to ZenFone 9 board instead to report your questions in the future. We will still take care of unsolved questions here and disable access of posting new threads (while you could still reply).

Here we would like to inform you that please upgrade your phone to 33.0804.2060.73 or newer, or you will not get FOTA of formal version in the future. If now you somehow do not get update of 33.0804.2060.73, please be sure to do it via manual update by using update launcher. Thanks.

Update launcher download:

SOP of manual update:

Thank you for joining Beta Program

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Is that a promised update from Asus?

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That was at least what Support told me. They are working on it.