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Zenfone 8 will get Android 14?

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Hi, I am really pleased with using my Asus Zenfone 8 and really glad that Asus released a phone, not a shovel when it comes to size. I really did not and do not want to invest in iPhone only beacuse of it's size, but do you think that Asus Zenfone 8 will receive Android 14? I believe it would be a great competition in software support time for iPhone. Does anyone have any news on this?


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99% won't get...

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Indeed, I too fear that zf8 won't be updated to A14... Asus, prove me wrong!

The zf8 is a superb little smartphone with great punch: never failed, never blocked, always smooth as butter. It would be a **bleep** shame not to include it for A14!!!

C'mon Asus, make us proud! 

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Zenfone8 is a nice phone, but unfortunately we won't see A14.

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What does android 14 break that 13,12,11 didn't? Why is it important or significant to get 14?  Personally, 11 & 12 worked the best  for ZF8, battery life, screen layout & response etc.

I guess I can't see the need for 14. The phone will still work 3 - 5 years without it. I have an old Asus 3 that runs Andr. 6  & still works fine.  Get a grip in reality folks.