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ZenFone 8 lifetime

Rising Star I
I acquired my ZF8 a few months ago and am mega-pleased with it. So far. It is worrying that some users are reporting catastophic failure of the entire device after a short while - maybe around a year's usage? (Is something burning out?) I guess I just have to keep hoping that my good experience persists for as long as possible.
My device was bought outright at ~800 Euros (can't remember) i.e. not on a phone contract. The latter arrangement conventionally dictates that the device is jettisoned for a newer better faster model after ?2Y, i.e. well within the lifespan of Android updates.
But having exchanged so much gold for outright ownership it is really concerning that Android updates simple cease after .. what? .. 2 years? Even the megalith Microsoft provides updates to their OS for 8 years or so and security updates more or less continually. Why such a different arrangement for Android? And who dictates the cessation of cover? Is it the OS developer? Or the phone manufacturer? Or the service provider? (All managing the cessation of cover by remote diktat?)
This is a thoroughly cynical market strategy; all the more so on this imploding planet when we should be extracting the maximum usable life from all our devices whether they be cars, phones, PCs, televisions, printers, .., .., whatever. In this list, which could easily be quadrupled in length after very little thought, "phones" and their owners stand alone as recipients of trivially transient support. Where is the consumer outcry? Where is the market pressure to be applied? And if any, why the lack of effect?

Rising Star II
Well, I knew the issue and still bought it.

And: there are very good custom roms.

Rising Star II
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