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Zenfone 8 camera app draining battery fast

Star III
Using csmera app for doing short videos draining battery fast. Any advice for a fix?

Rising Star I
High battery drain is like low mileage in a car. You dont get high performance without high consumption.
I charge at least 1-2 times a day. It charges fast, so no big deal.
It is not the best choice for long day use, I like it for the performance.

Star III
Yes and no. Look at iphone 13 max. Dont have very big battery but insane SOT. And if u look at battery drain test. You see different on phones so have the same chipset. I think the software is a big part of this. This drain not so much in games but feel to much drain in light apps. And the system mode is kind of strange. I can feel different in speed on the phone but very litle different in battery saving.