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Wifi calling / VoWifi for Orange PL and other networks.

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I'd like to ask if there is any work in progress on enabling wifi calling for Orange PL or other providers on Zenfone 8? It seems to not function at all in Poland. I saw some threads regarding T-Mobile supporting wifi calling for this phone but a lot of people complained it doesn't work properly anyway. So changing the carrier is also not an option.
If you're advertising your product as a premium device without support for such important feature it would be very disappointing. Nothing has changed since the phone release.
This needs to be sorted out. Otherwise I will sell the phone and never buy anything else made by Asus if the post sale support is none in this matter.
Waiting for a reply.
Best regards,


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Orange said that they would try certification again, if there will be enough people who want this. You have to write here: Asus Zenfone 8 - dodanie VoLTE oraz VoWiFi - Nasz Orange

And (what would be even better), write to their support.

Or just go to the flex, like all of us.

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orange won't do it. they block it because they make money from it. if asus doesn't help us then nothing will.
they even delete posts that are inconvenient

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