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Why zenfone 8 does not have a themes store and font its

Star I

Why zenfone 8 does not have a themes store and font its so boring,.😏 


Star III

I love the ZenPhone purely because it DOESN'T have tons of bloatware, messy cosmetic apps or pink feathers. Please don't add cosmetic junk.

If you want style, set your own wallpapers and download 3rd party stuff to make it look like you want. Buy a case with a theme.

That's not right. There actually should be a Zenfone app store, just like the Samsung Galaxy app store, for people who want to customise their UI experience. This is an individual thing. It doesn't interfere with your desire to have a near-stock UI experience. But the option to richly customise the UI, should be available. 

Rising Star II

Maybe because kids are not a target customer. Jizassss....

Nonsense. Has nothing to do with kid stuff, but everything to do with the ability for anyone to customise their UI experience the way they desire. 

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You're very correct. I own the Zenfone 9 and now, the 10. And I must say the absence of a store is indeed disappointing.