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Where is ASUS Zenfone 8z Bootloader unlock tool?

Star I

I am a software developer. Recently while developing an app within Android Studio I encountered a bery strange issue with my Zenfone 8z. The FCM Push Notifications are not being received on the phone when my app is killed. This is working on all other devices perfectly as I tested but only Asus phones are creating issues. Maybe something is within the ROM of Asus which is blocking the push notifications from being received when the app is killed from recent apps. Not only this, any notification which was present already when the app was open seem to vanish as soon as I kill the app. This strange issue happnes in NO OTHER BRAND DEVICES but only ASUS. Otherwise, I was very happy with my Asus Zenfone 8z till now. Due to the small screen size which I prefer (which is why I invested INR 45k to get this phone in the first place), I did not wanted to change my phone as its very convenient to carry. Plus, its performing really well in other aspects. Therefore, I just wanted to change the ROM to something custom so that this problem gets solved and I can continute to happily use my device. But when I tried that I was SHOCKED to see that Asus has locked the boot loader and there in no OEM unlocking option in the Developer Options. After spening a huge 45k for my device I can't change my ROM ? Seriously? If I would have known this I would have never purchased this device. Now my dear ASUS, please tell me where is your bootloader unlock tool for Zenfone 8 series? I need it immediately. How soon am I receiving one? Or, is there any other way to get this unlocked? Can my nearest service centre to this? I need answers.