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When my Asus Zenfone 8 get android 13?

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Its already available for ZF 8

You can download A13 firmware from ASUS site

I did not receive the Android 13 update, the Zenfone 8 is small

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ASUS wrote today in an email to members of beta testing program who were still stuck with previous beta version 33.0210.0210.180 (like me) and were not offered with the final update somehow.

Here we would like to inform you that please upgrade your phone to 33.0210.0210.210 or newer, or you will not get FOTA of formal version in the future. If now you somehow do not get update of 33.0210.0210.210, please be sure to do it via manual update by using update launcher. Thanks.

Update launcher download:

SOP of manual update: