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We want android 14

Rising Star I

Android 14 is comming soon(already in beta). Is there a chance that asus zenfone 8 will get it ? 


Zen Master I


"ASUS promises two Android upgrades for its phones. As such, we know the following phones will get Android 14:

  • ASUS Zenfone 9
  • ASUS ROG Phone 6 and its variants

Phones launched before and including the Zenfone 8 series have already received Android 13, which is the final version promised by ASUS. They will not get Android 14. Any unreleased 2023 phones from ASUS will get Android 14, including the rumored Zenfone 10 and confirmed ROG Phone 7."


Remember that Asus promises two years of support for major versions, this means that it receives two version updates above the one that comes installed at the factory. In the case of ZF8 it comes with A11 and is upgraded to A12 and A13. In ZF9 comes A12 and upgrades to A13 and A14.

Security updates are something else and we will receive them if necessary.

Rising Star I

it's sad that asus only supports their phones for 2 years. zenfone 8 needs better support it is popular compact phone

Use translator bro, sim realmente precisa, eu tenho o zenfone 8 e gostaria que ele recebesse no mínimo o android 14, como você disse, ele é bem popular, e um dos melhores de 2023 seria legal ter o Android 14 nele

Star III

Im affraid its a big chance we might not get stable Android 13  and you are dreaming on A14
In 2012 i bought highest class Asus Xonar ST sound card and from 2015 there are still no stable Windows 10/11 drivers, only betas for W10. Abandoning flagships is wrong.