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Very many instances of "<<This application>> keeps stopping"

Rising Star I
I have ZenFone 8 16GB / 256GB.
Updated to OS = Android 12 / Security = 5 May 2022.
Installed: latest available version of several apps.
The phone is just great. I bought it for all of: its tech spec, build quality, its small size and heft-in-the-hand. And across all these quality judgements it most definitely does not disappoint.
Very many apps - after installing successfully and working well for a while (maybe several days) - then inexplicably fail with the "<> keeps stopping" error msg. Any amount of cleaning (cache, user data) yields no improvemnent. The list of failures includes MS Outlook, BBC iPlayer, BBC Sounds, Amazon Kindle, my banking Credit Card Manager, others. In some cases (i) I have installed old version.-1 or even version.-many and this has addressed the problem; or (ii) I simply visit the website (maybe this is a preferred trajectory anyway??) - but in the case of the C/C manager, I have so far not found a working version, and there is no web capability.
Is this a common problem? Is it a phenomenon related to the youth of Android 12? Or inadequate app development / testing? Or (please NOT!) the phone's h/ware or s/ware architecture? Do Asus offer occasional firmware updates??
I have come to Android from the failing BlackBerry 10 series (9 years with the same BB Z10, a beautiful device). Any experience, any advice, or even a comforting meToo will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

This is not something I've heard of before, might actually be related to A12, is your phone up to date with the newest updates?

Rising Star II
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