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USB data transfer

Star I

USB Transfer option is not showing in my device. I tried multiple times in multiple cables. 

It's my latest update : 33.0210.0210.332

Kindly help me to resolve this one


Star II

My zen8 has the same problem!

Rising Star II

I'm on the same version and when I attach a USB Cable, the PC asks what "Select what happens for this device" which I ignore.

The phone asks "Use USB for file transfer" if it doesn't do this try;

  • Settings
  • Type USB in the search
  • Bottom result "Use USB for"


Thank you for your guide but regrettably that does not work on my phone. It starts charging.... but I cannot change that setting in the menu (I can find the USB menu, but it IS already on "file transfer"..... but still I do not see my phone in w11). Also tried different cables, ports ánd pc's!!

Rising Star II

 in Win11, goto settings and search for AutoPlay - see what it is set to for your phone.

If this doesn't work, I'd try resetting the phone - remember to back up SMS, files, WhatsApp etc.