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Two Questions Actually...

Star I
One: MyAsus on my Zenfone 8 will not do I start it..?
Two: I cannot register my phone. I keep getting an error about making sure the phone I'm trying to register is in "My Product" but it's not, there's nothing in there. I'm thinking this is linked to MyAsus not cooperating. How do I go about rectifying this issue..?
I should mention that when I originally setup the phone I used Google to register. Since then I have rebooted the phone to "Factory Setting" and used the email I used to open an account.
My Phone is ZS590KS

Clear as mud right 😉

Rising Star I
+1 for MyAsus not starting after the last app update.

Rising Star II
Mine as well, Ute I'm already registered

Rising Star II
It even happened on Asus laptop as well. I can't check warranty on all my registered laptops so I guess there is an issue with the server at the moment.