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The pro video app that nobody talks about

Rising Star I
Hello there,
I want to share with You the fact that nobody talks about, Asus has a a pro video mode on the mobile, with audio level indicator, and selectable mic support.
Grid, histogram, video stabilization is supported (it works great).
All manual and auto settings are supported.
Shutter speed 1/30, 1/40, 1/50, 1/60 .. 1/10.000 supported.
External USB microphone is supported.
In fact You can choose the front facing mic, the back facing mic, 3d sound (all mics) or external (wired or wireless).
I use it with a Boya 2 mic wireless system with an USB-c receiver.
Big thank You for the developers, and big thank You for Asus.

Rising Star II
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