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Terrible Wifi performance/jitter compared to other phones

Star II
The Wifi connection seems to be really unstable with the Zenfone 8. Sometimes it hangs for minutes, and in general it seems to be too slow.
I tested it with other phones, they have no problems and are much faster. That's why I think this a problem with the Zenfone specifically.
I made a simple speed test (with the ookla app), here are the results (all using the same Wifi network):
Phone | Download in Mbps | Upload in Mbps | Jitter in ms
Zenfone 8 | 18 | 36 | 90
Samsung Galaxy S8 | 83 | 42 | 36
iPhone 12 | 82 | 42 | 0.4
On some runs, the Zenfone would even only manage a speed of 0.2-0.3 Mbps (which is I guess when it "hangs").
I think the cause is Jitter. I tried disconnecting most other devices in the Wifi network, and I did manage a better run with 27 Mbps, but only once.
I really don't get why the Zenfone is consistently worse than even a 4 year old phone.

Rising Star II
So I haven't experienced issues with WiFi,and I just ran side by side test with Samsung A71
Zenfone 8 manages to get 8.55Mbps download while having slightly worse upload compared to the Samsung device

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@Elmir I think there is an issue indicated in your screenshot linked to Zenfone 8 - down speed is the only indicator where Z8 is better...but it's not the most relevant in my view (whether you have 100Mbps or 20Mbps download speed...your browsing experience is pretty much the same however worse ping/jitter/packet loss will have much bigger impact on the browsing experience in general)

Star II
I should clarify, I don't mind if the download speeds aren't that great (even though it's weird that I rarely get more than 30 Mbps with the Z8). My real problem is that the connection sometimes drops out or gets too slow to even load websites. This happens regularily when I browse reddit. I ran the speed test multiple times again, and I still usually get anything from 0.2 to 25 Mbps, and I also had some of the tests just fail.

Star III
Uhm, mine looks fine :