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"Swipe Up" on the Home Screen

Rising Star I

Whwn I "swipe up" on the Home screen I get to view a page of buttons for all 20+ of "my" installed Apps along with buttons for Phone, Messages, Contacts, .., and a few other standards.
Exactly the same bundle of Apps as is offered by the ASUS Launcher widget, whose alphabetically sectioned display I much prefer.
Is there any alternative response to "Swipe Up" from the Home screen? I cannot see anything in Settings, theough there are alternative responses to "swipe up" in other contexts. I feel it is a completely wasted gesture that could be used to - whatever - initiate a call / open Music Player / open File Manager / .. .. whatever a User might regard as a Priority activity .. .. . Any way to achieve this?



Hi @fergusd84 


Thank you for your recommendation. I will forward this to the relevant team for future consideration.