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Problem with audio creator and dedicated amplifier

Rising Star II
Hello, I have found small issue. When I plug 3,5mm jack from dedicated amplifier the audio creator witch graphical corrector, bass, treble etc. doesn't work. It only work when i plug typical earphones or headphones. You can see this on movie below - audio device is always reognized, but only earphones are recognized in audio creator:
(remove spaces next to dot)
youtu . be/2APp9U2-oUM
I tried also a hack - plugged earphones to splitter, then splitter to phone, then unplugged earphones from splitter and plugged amplifier. After this creator is working properly, music quality is good and changes in corector are audible imidiately. Obviusly this work till splitter is plugged, after unplug I have to do this again.
It looks like phone is configured to block audio creator when recognizes too high impedance on input - when i plug splitter alone it's also locked. Somebody can check this? I think it schouldn't work like that, I'm even 95% sure that it worked properly first time when i took phone from box, maybe something changed after first update.

Hall of Fame III
This issue can also be a cable/3.5mm connector thing as much as the impedance of your headphones/DAC.
I have a cable with a 3.5mm connector on each end. On one end there are 4 zones and in the other end there are only 3 zones. With the 4 zone connector in the ZF8 I can access the headphones menu without anything connected to the 3 zone connector. It doesn't care if I plug in the DAC after I've connected it to the phone. But if I flip the cable, then I need to connect it to the DAC before I connect it to the phone or the headphone option won't appear. So please try with another cable and maybe it will work.

Rising Star II
Hah, after this You worte I made an experiment and found 'hack'. I have combo splitter for notebook with 4 zone jack and two outputs for microphone and headphones. Tried to plug in only splitter, phone showed plugged headphones on top but audio creator was inactive. But i tried another option, plugged only microphone to splitter and then plugged this to phone. Then audio creator has activated and I could plug and unplug headphones form second splitter output, everything was still working.
Probably in Your cable microphone input from 4 zone jack is factory bridged to mass so phone recognizing plugged headset even if there is nothing plugged on the other side.
So, I just have to make custom cable with 4 zone jack with bridged microphone and two chinches to amplifier. Or maybe i put in some resistor instead of bridge, have to thing about it. Anyway, thanks for test, I would never have figured it out by myself.