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Performance cores curbed to improve temperature and battery consumption

Star II
Have you noticed the deteriorated performance with the latest update (August 2022 patch)?
The snapdragon A78 and X1 cores cannot any more reach the peak frequency or , at least, they are limited to lower frequency.
When I bought the smartphone with Android 11, using Geekbench and High performance battery profile, I got 1115 in single core.
Now I get 703, more like a snapdragon 855 then 888.
Try yourself.

Rising Star II
Evil Ryu

I keeped the phone powered off for the last day.

Today I powered It on and executed geekbench and I got 1113 points.

To me It seems that the phone heats up just with light use and throttle to lower the temperature

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I have got the same score after a regular day of use. But I do not play games, so I do not pre-heat my cpu before the benchmarking.

Rising Star II
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