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Missing calls

Star III
Asus Zenfone 8
Build 31.1010.0410.72
People calling saying it is going to VM frequently. Sometimes I get the call sometimes I do not. When I turn on and off airplane mode I see the network text message appear showing I missed calls and have VMs. Happening on both Sims.

I have a couple of suggestions.
- Make sure your "Do not disturb" mode is on, if it is then check if you have some kind of schedule for it and turn it off.
- Is your sim-card old? Some old sim cards can create issues and most service providers offer to update them.
- How long has this been an issue? Might want to check with the service provider if there are any issues with their network and the signal in your area.
Let me know if any of these fixes work for you.

Star III
I found out what the issue was and at the heart of it is the proximity sensor issue. So when I was on a call I ended up in sim settings and I turned off call waiting. Turning it on fixed the issue.

Rising Star II
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