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Has anyone de-googled their Zenfone?

Star I

I just got a refurbished Zenfone 8 and am really enjoying using it, but I value privacy and hate how Google has unrestricted permissions I can't seem to change.

Was wondering if anyone has de-googled their Android. The only OS with explicit support for the Zenfone 8 I have found is LineageOS, although I'd like to try GrapheneOS or /e/OS if possible.

More importantly, I'm wondering if its possible to go back once I install a new OS. I quite like the ASUS modification of Android 13 I'm running, and I'm not sure if a download for that is as easy to find as something like LineageOS.


Thanks so much. Really helpful. The F-Droid site has links to fdroid-1.10.apk and aurora-4.2.5(47).apk. Do I need thge first to run the other. (It seems not: so I'm not quite certain what additional or necessary functionality if any that the fdroid apk provides?)

Star I

Is it possible at this time (August 2023) to get the bootloader unlock token from Asus to make it even possible to degoogle a Zenfone 8? I've been been reading about this recent issue on XDA and am wondering if it's resolved. I wanted to buy a Zenfone 8 or 10 for its compact size and wired analog headphone connectivity and most importantly ability to degoogle. But if degoogling is no longer possible due to no more bootloader unlock tokens from Asus then I'll need to look elsewhere to buy my next phone before the end of the year to replace my current degoogled phone which will soon become obsolete.