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Gremlins living in my Zenfone 8

Star I

I'm posting here mostly to complain to ASUS but also to share my experience in case someone else is having similar problems. After using my Zenfone 8 for 9 months with constant issues since the beginning, I've decided to give up on it and get something different. I've tried support at ASUS and also Metro PCS (my carrier) and after factory resets and network resets, nothing has changed. I guess my Zenfone is a lemon. Which is sad because I paid $700 for the **bleep** thing. Problems are...drops calls frequently and without warning, phone will randomly call people in my contacts without me initiating the call, phone will randomly call 411 while I am on another call, frequent issues with me not being able to hear clearly who I am speaking with (and vice versa) and on more than one occasion I have picked up my phone only to find it has mysteriously opened up some random app. The more recent weird thing that happened is it switched itself into some other mode so now all my Google product icons are no longer in color. No idea what that is all about. This is a terrible product. Don't waste your precious money.


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I get the issue with making random phone calls.   and now its decided to refuse to allow my Outlook app to connect to my mail server.  This bl**dy phone has great specs but really awful reliability,  never again for me.

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Try a factory reset 

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