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experience with battery degradation

Rising Star I

please post your experiences with battery degradation on zenfone 8. + some info ... device age, frequency of charging, using fast charger or slow charger, etc ...

my zf 8 has minimum battery wear. 2 years, charging every 2 -3 day and i use only slow charger max  10w, mostly 5w


Rising Star I

I am getting a screen on time of about 3.5-4 hr and needs to charge 3 times a day.. using stock charger

Age of phone 1 year and 3 months

Rising Star I

Phone bought on release, MFD 2021.04

Always on durable mode, 60Hz display, always charge to 100% because battery never lasted long enough on 80% or 90%.

Some days I'm at less than 30% by the afternoon, other days I'm at 10% just before going to bed. I always let it charge overnight.

No gaming, usually just Twitter and light browsing when on mobile data (5G turned off) and Youtube when at home on wifi.

how to know when the phone is built?


check the label on the box