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Bug when putting speaker on during calls

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Hello everyone,

I have a weird specific bug with my Zenfone 8 and I can't find equivalent reports online. Maybe I am phrasing it wrong. Here it is:

Whenever I'm on a call, everyone hear me fine. However, as soon as I put the call on speaker, people only hear my voice and every other voice around me is muted! It also happens with video calls, for example if I try to show my kid on video, people can hear my voice but my kid's voice is muted.

I don't know if this is Android-related or phone related, I am not very knowledgeable on phones. Anyone has an idea? Thanks!

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Is this software-related bug? I have no clue but my mic started to be OK on speaker mode in calls only after main board replaced. Before that person always hears himself with robotic voice and almost didn't hear me.

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That is what I've been told. There is supposed to be a tuning/fix in a later firmware update.

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Thread automatically closed due to inactivity. If the reported issue has not been resolved or you require further assistance from one of our moderators, please create a new thread and we will be with you shortly.

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I also have same issue. I almost sent my grandmother to doctor :P. I have different phone model but your description looks identical.

Hope someoun will notice problem and fix it
my issue

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ah I do not unfolded more replays. Cool that Asus is aware but 2months passed and issue is still here. Option to turn off AI reduction would be great! @keren_ASUS